Monthly Archives: June 2022

Another Aviation Crisis… (or, business as usual?)

I recently participated in a panel to discuss the latest crisis in aviation: staff shortages, and its effects on employee morale, safety gaps, and customer dissatisfaction. It’s been reported in the news, and by customers and employees via social media, that the usual summer travel “discomfort” (flight delays and cancellations, long lines at airports, strike

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Aviation’s Next Crisis: Free Webinar

Aviation is a true, global network: connecting people, cultures, trade and personal stories. It’s a dynamic, complex and continuously changing business. On the heels of an unprecedented crisis, the global Covid pandemic, a new crisis appears to become the next travel and tourism industry challenge. The system is under pressure due to staff shortages, supply

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Will flying be enjoyable, ever again?

I was recently invited to address an Innovation and Technology conference, in a European capital, and bring a perspective on the aviation industry. For weeks I worked hard on the message: Why is aviation relevant? What are some compelling examples of Innovation and Technology in the industry? And What does the future look like? In

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