Leading and Managing a business is more challenging than ever.  Leaders need to continuously assess, adapt and communicate behaviors, processes and results. When performance is not in line with expectations, take a fresh look at your entire enterprise to identify opportunities for process improvements, increased customer and employee satisfaction, better management and leadership structures.

I offer value and unique insights developed over 26 years of experience across many key business areas including Operations, Customer Service, Marketing and Branding, Commercial Alliance Development, Human Resources, Organization Development, Labor Relations, Corporate and Crisis Communications. Successfully leading teams and projects in more than 35 countries, I can share skills and perspectives that create solutions to improve your business strategy and execution.

I deliver an objective assessment and customize a comprehensive action plan that will enable your organization to improve performance and effectiveness in areas included, but not limited to:

Contact me to schedule a complimentary Consulting Conversation.  We can explore your needs and expectations, and build creative plans to solve some of the most pressing issues affecting the execution of your business plan and strategy.