My goal is to provide the best ideas and solutions to reach the highest levels of leadership effectiveness, business results and personal development.

I offer more than 30 years of management and leadership roles across a wide range of areas: operations, customer service, marketing and branding, alliance development and partnership implementation, human resources, organization development, labor relations, corporate communications, change management and crisis management.

My experience includes leading successful projects and teams in more than 35 countries. I have lived in Latin America, the U.S. and Europe, and have traveled extensively around the world.

You can benefit from my proven track record in one of the most demanding and exciting industries: commercial aviation. I have worked for two major international airlines, a regional European carrier and a leading aerial emergency services provider. I also served as a management board member for the world’s leading airline alliance, responsible for setting strategic, operational and commercial direction to more than 20 international airline companies.

I have first hand experience in the emergency response of three airline accidents. As Crisis Manager I led teams and actions related to family assistance, media relations, government relations, mass disaster psychological support and direct management of over 400 individuals in coordination with official authorities and aid related agencies.

Contact me to discuss how I can support your business and individual needs as a Coach, Consultant and Speaker. I am based in Mallorca, Spain, and available to do business on a worldwide basis.


Photo by: Jimena Rojas – www.jimenarojas.com