Successful enterprises support a talented, energized and highly collaborative workforce.  Leaders, Managers and Teams require a continuous development strategy with rich content, stimulating delivery and practical solutions to enhance their skills, adapt behaviors to business demands, and work towards better results and higher satisfaction.  Are you investing enough in talent development, attraction and retention?

Managing talent is one of your organization’s most critical processes. In order to retain and develop existing individuals, as well as to attract new candidates, the business needs to create compelling and motivating development programs.

I support you by designing and delivering creative topics that enrich your talent management strategies.

My LeadER Coaching Model can be tailored to provide a one or two-day training package for different management levels, including those closest to your product, service and customers.  We can enhance leadership skills based on the fundamental coaching experience:



Managers need to understand the story of their internal and external clients, leading to deeper self-awareness and better understanding of what enables or prevents change. This also creates better communication, providing valuable feedback and encouragement amongst the stakeholders who are linked in the delivery of your business plan and strategies.



Coaching is a continuous assessment aided by tools and techniques that identify performance gaps, blind spots and behaviors. With new perspectives comes renewed energy and focus once the goals and aims are established.



What are the best structures that support the accomplishment of goals and objectives, how to manage time frames and checkpoints, what are the best measures of success and how to incorporate contingencies and risk management to better execute plans.



In order to maintain momentum and produce measurable results, leaders have to emphasize the execution and review phases in their plans. This can prevent under-delivery or loss of enthusiasm and energy, once the main activities, goals and structures to achieve are in place.

I also provide customized content by way of keynote speaking and workshop modules in topics such as: leadership communication skills, communications during crisis events, aligning strategy and the organization to deliver results, leading and managing across different cultures and sensitivities, among others.

Contact me to have a Corporate Training Conversation.  We can discuss your current list of topics and needs, and agree on new and energizing content to support your organization’s talent management goals.